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Lithium Replace Lead-Acid Battery based on lithium iron phosphate batteries, a lithium battery system designed in series with modules. Improve the overall safety and service life of the product througbh reliable BMS system and high-performance equalization technology. The entire system has the characteristics of flexible configuration and high reliability. The products are widely used in data centers, communications, home energy storage, distributed energy storage, and photovoltaic energy storage.

Product Features

  • Using lithium iron phosphate power energy storage battery, which is environmentally friendly and safe.
  • Safety/reliability: the use of automotive-grade structural design and laser welding technology; the BMS system is designed according to automotive regulations, with high reliability.
  • Long service life, the product is guaranteed for 5 years, and the service life is more than 10 years.
  • Modular design, easy for customers to install and maintain.
  • Small size, light weight, the same energy lithium battery, the weight and volume are 1/3 of lead-acid.
  • The configuration is flexible, and batteries of different capacities can be configured according to the customer's backup power needs.


High Energy Density

200~290wh/Kg Energy Density Up To 200~290wh/Kg

High&Low Temperature Performance

-40℃—65℃ Working Temperature Range: -40℃—65℃

High Safety Performance

Overcharge, Over Discharge, Acupuncture, Squeeze, Short Circuit, Impact, High Temperature, Gunshot

Long Cycle Life

Cycle Life Is Not Less Than 2000 Times, 80% Capacity Retention Rate

High Rate Discharge

-40℃ High Rate 5C Continuous Discharge More Than 80% Capacity Retention Rate


It Does Not Contain Cadmium, Lead, Mercury And Other Elements That Pollute The Environment, And Is Pollution-Free


Golf Cart

Golf Cart



Communication Base Station

Communication Base Station

Car Start

Car Start





Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Electric Bicycle

Electric Bicycle

Features of Lithium Replace Lead-Acid Battery



  • Battery capacity: 3000~3150mAh
  • Charging temperature: 0 ℃ ~+45℃
  • Normal discharge temperature: -40℃~+55℃
  • Maximum discharge rate at low temperature: 0.5C
  • Energy density: about 240Wh/kg


Different temperature and rate discharge

  • -30℃ 0.5C discharge rate 80%
  • -30℃ 1C discharge rate 75%
  • -30℃ 2C discharge rate 77%
  • -40℃ 0.5C discharge rate 40%


LFP-100Ah Cell Parameters

  • Rated voltage: 3.2V
  • Rated energy: 320Wh
  • Charging temperature: 0~55℃
  • Discharge temperature: -20℃~55℃
  • Weight: 2.25Kg
  • Dimensions: H128*L173*W48 (mm)


LFP-100Ah Lithium battery discharge performance

  • -20℃ 0.5C discharge capacity retention rate 95%
  • -20℃ 1C discharge capacity retention rate 90%
  • -20℃ 2C discharge capacity retention rate 88%
  • -20℃ 3C discharge capacity retention rate 83%

We are trustworthy

Dongguan Hoppt Light Technology Co.,Ltd has focused on the field of lithium battery customization for 17 years, with 3000+ high-quality cases in the field of lithium battery customization, and is wholeheartedly committed to providing more competitive lithium battery customized solutions and products to users around the world.

Service philosophy

Take Technology As The Core
Development By Quality
High Quality Oriented

Technical strength

Explosion-Proof Lithium Battery Technology
Low Temperature Charge And Discharge
High Rate Discharge Technology
Battery With Discharge Rate From 3C To 100C

R & D team

10+ R&D And Technical Engineers
20+ Specialty Lithium Battery Experts
30+ Lithium Battery Project Operation Team

Lithium Replace Lead-Acid Battery Cell Model Specification Table

Lithium Replace Lead-Acid Battery Cell Model Specification Table
Product CategoryProduct NumberRated CapacityRated EnergyStandard VoltageLower Limit Voltage(V)Upper Limit Voltage(V)Dimensions (mm) W*H*D
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP124040Ah512Wh12.8V10V14.6V195*130*166
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP125050Ah640Wh12.8V10V14.2V198*166*170
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP126060Ah768Wh12.8V10V14.2V260*168*209
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP1260100Ah1280Wh12.8V10V14.2V330*173*215
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP12100100Ah1280Wh12.8V10V14.6V330*173*216
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP12120120Ah1536Wh12.8V10V14.2V406*173*236
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP12150150Ah1920Wh12.8V10V14.2V483*170*240
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP12165165Ah2112Wh12.8V10V14.6V330*173*216
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP12200200Ah2560Wh12.8V10V14.2V522*240*218
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP12200200Ah2560Wh12.8V10V14.6V483*170*240
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP12300300Ah3840Wh12.8V10V14.2V520*269*220
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP12300300Ah7680Wh12.8V10V14.6V483*170*240
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP245050Ah1280Wh25.6V20V28.4V260*168*209
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP246060Ah1536Wh25.6V20V28.4V406*173*236
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP24100-A100Ah2560Wh25.6V20V28.4V483*170*240
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP24100-B100Ah3840Wh25.6V20V28.4V522*240*218
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP365050Ah1920Wh38.4V30V42.6V330*173*215
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP366060Ah2304Wh38.4V30V42.6V483*170*240
Lithium Battery Replaces Lead AcidLFP36100100Ah3840Wh38.4V30V42.6V520*269*220

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