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HB 12V 50Ah Lithium Battery Pack



Lithium battery pack refers to the output of one or more lithium batteries plus a battery protection board with specific functions. Lithium battery packs consist of multiple cells to form a single physical module that provides higher voltage and capacity. For example, a battery module uses four cells in series to give a nominal 12V voltage or multiple cells. The parallel connection provides greater power—lithium battery components connected in series and parallel. Parallel battery packs require that each battery have the same voltage, and the output voltage is equal to the voltage of one battery. Parallel battery packs can provide stronger current. There are no excessive requirements for series battery packs, as long as the batteries are guaranteed. The capacity of the battery pack is about the same. The series battery pack can provide a higher voltage. A more complete lithium battery pack protection function should be composed of two modules: to protect the circuit substrate, and the other is to judge the substrate intelligently.

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Hoppt product’s safety performance is comfirmed to

  • UL1642 standard.No leakage, capacity Recovery rate:³ 90% (storage 3h)
  • No explode, no fire, no  leakage.
  • Avoid insolation or dropping into fire.
  • Avoid shorting the battery.
  • Avoid excessive physical shock or vibration.
  • Don’t disassemble or deform the battery.
  • Don’t immerse in water.
  • Don’t use the battery mixed with other model or manufacturer batteries.
  • Battery charge should be used appropriate charger.


Electrical Parameter

Rate voltage 12.8V
Rate capacity 50AH
Energy 640Wh
Cycle life > 3000 cycles 80% DOD

Operating Parameter

Charge voltage 14.2V
Charge current 25A
Max.Charge current 50A
Discharge cut-off voltage 10V
Discharge current 25A
Max.Discharge current 50A
Max.Pluse Discharge current(<0.3S) 150A
Discharge temperature -20~55℃
Charge temperature 0~55℃
Storage temperature -10~45℃

Optional Items

Display LCD / Bluetooth
Series or Parallel Connection 4S or 4P

Manchanical Parameter

Terminal M8
Weight 6.5KG
Dimension(Wx D x H)mm 198x166x170
Protection IP67


Certification CE


  • Lead acid replacement battery
  • solar storage battery
  • electric boat battery
  • golf cart battery
  • outdoor power supply
  • etc

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