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The smart home energy storage battery system adopts an integrated home appliance design, exquisite and beautiful, easy to install, equipped with long-life lithium-ion batteries, and provides photovoltaic array access, which can provide electricity for residences, public facilities, small factories, etc.

Adopting the integrated microgrid design concept, it can operate in both off-grid and grid-connected modes, and can realize seamless switching of operation modes, which greatly improves the reliability of power supply; it is equipped with a flexible and efficient management system that can be based on the grid, load, energy storage and Electricity prices are adjusted for operating strategies to optimize system operation and maximize user benefits.


High Energy Density

Energy Density Up To 200~290wh/Kg

High&Low Temperature Performance

-40℃—65℃ Working Temperature Range: -40℃—65℃

High Safety Performance

Most-Safe LFP Battery Inside
Most Compact Design

Long Cycle Life

Long Life-span Design (10 years)

Good Design

Advanced BMS Control (w/ active balance among packs)


It Does Not Contain Cadmium, Lead, Mercury And Other Elements That Pollute The Environment, And Is Pollution-Free


Hoppt’s energy storage lithium batteries are widely used in telecommunications, communications, solar energy storage batteries, UPS uninterruptible power supplies, hydropower stations, wind power storage, mobile communication base stations, street lights and urban lighting projects, emergency lighting, forklifts, automobile starting, lighting , Fire protection, security system, etc.

Home Portable Energy Storage

Home Portable Energy Storage

Outdoor Rv Energy Storage Lithium Battery

Outdoor Rv Energy Storage Lithium Battery

RV Energy Storage

RV Energy Storage

Camping Energy Storage

Camping Energy Storage

Portable Energy Storage Battery

Portable Energy Storage Battery

Camping Energy Storage

Camping Energy Storage

Camping Energy Storage

Camping Energy Storage

RV Energy Storage

RV Energy Storage

Features of Home Energy Storage Lithium Battery Cell



  • DCRfor 30s pulse discharge is 44mohm@25℃, 50%SOC
  • DCRfor 30s pulse charge is 48mohm@25℃, 50%SOC
  • 30s Pulse discharge power is4541W@ 25℃, 50% SOC
  • 30s Pulse charge power is 2905W@ 25℃, 50%SOC

Note: Power is calculated from DCR based on Freedom Bus/Car method, Discharge cut off voltage≥2.5V, charge cut-off voltage≤3.65V


Different Temperature Discharge

  • 25℃ discharge rate 100%
  • 45℃ discharge rate 98.4%
  • 60℃ discharge rate 101%
  • 0℃ discharge rate 79.3%

We are trustworthy

Dongguan Hoppt Light Technology Co.,Ltd has focused on the field of lithium battery customization for 17 years, with 3000+ high-quality cases in the field of lithium battery customization, and is wholeheartedly committed to providing more competitive lithium battery customized solutions and products to users around the world.

Service philosophy

Take Technology As The Core
Development By Quality
High Quality Oriented

Technical strength

Explosion-Proof Lithium Battery Technology
Low Temperature Charge And Discharge
High Rate Discharge Technology
Battery With Discharge Rate From 3C To 100C

R & D team

10+ R&D And Technical Engineers
20+ Specialty Lithium Battery Experts
30+ Lithium Battery Project Operation Team

Energy Storage Lithium Battery Cell Model Specification Table

Energy Storage Lithium Battery Cell Model Specification Table
No.TypeCapacityMaximum output currentDimensionGross weight of packing boxBattery life cycleWorking tempreture
1Ultra-Light 22.2Wh/400APeak6000mAh/ Li-ion battery200A/1SL135*W76*H14mm9.6KG1000times-2O~6O°C
2Ultra-Light 22.2Wh/400A Peak6000mAh/ Li-ion battery200A/1SL142*W80*H16.5mm9.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
3Ultra-Light 22.2Wh/400APeak6000mAh/ Li-ion battery200A/1SL143*W81*H17.5mm9.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
4Ultra-Light 44.4Wh/600A Peak12000mAh/ Li-ion battery300A/1SL193*W86.5*H41.5mm9.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
5Ultra-Light 44.4Wh/600A Peak12000mAh/ Li-ion battery300A/1SL170*W80*H30mm9.0KG1000times-2O~6O°C
6Ultra-Light 37Wh/800APeaKl0000mAh/ Li-ion battery400A/1SL155*W80*H25mm9.0KG1000times-2O~6O°C
7Ultra-Light 44.4Wh/600A Peak12000mAh/ Li-ion battery300A/1SL172*W85*H35mm13KG 1000times-2O~6O°C
8Ultra-Light 66.6Wh/800A Peak18000mAh/ Li-ion battery400A/1SL184*W91*H39mm9.0KG1000times-2O~6O°C
9Ultra-Light66.6Wh/800A Peak18000mAh/ Li-ion battery400A/1SL184*W91*H39mm9.3KG1000times-2O~6O°C
10Ultra-Light55.5Wh/1200A Peak15000mAh/ Li-ion battery600A/1SL215*W85*H25mm8.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
11Ultra-Light55.5Wh/1200A Peak15000mAh/ Li-ion battery600A/1SL180*W90*H35mm8.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
12Ultra-Ligh44.4Wh/1500A Peak12000mAh/ Li-ion battery600A/1SL225*W80*H25mm8.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
13Ultra-Ligh66.6Wh/1500A Peak18000mAh/ Li-ion battery800A/1SL184*W91*H39mm8.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
14Ultra-Ligh66.6Wh/2000A Peak18000mAh/ Li-ion battery1000A/1SL203*W104*H28mm8.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
15Ultra-Ligh66.6Wh/2000A Peak18000mAh/ Li-ion battery1000A/1SL231*W241*H93mm8.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
16Inverter Power AC POWER Wave Pure Sine Wave 300W2200mAh-3S-10P300W pure sine wave 300WL265*W130*H150mm1000times-2O~6O°C
17Ultra-Ligh92.5Wh/2500A Peak25000mAh/ Li-ion battery1200A/1SL210*W85*H30mm8.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C

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