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Energy storage battery testing standards

23 Nov, 2021

By hoppt

energy storage syestems

Recently, energy storage and power battery technologies have developed rapidly, driven by scientific breakthroughs and accelerated product applications. Various large-scale energy storage systems such as lithium batteries, flow batteries, and high-temperature sodium batteries have been applied and promoted globally. However, the pace of leading innovation and the recent battery-related fires have caused widespread concern around the world about the fire and electric shock hazards of lithium-ion batteries and other new technologies. Energy storage batteries mainly refer to batteries used in solar power generation equipment, wind power generation, and renewable energy storage energy.

Standard energy storage batteries are lead-acid batteries (lithium-ion energy storage batteries using lithium iron phosphate as the positive electrode material are being gradually developed)

Energy storage batteries are divided into the following three categories:

1 Lead-acid battery for exhaust-type energy storage-a battery with a device that can replenish liquid and release gas on the battery cover.

2 Lead-acid batteries for valve-regulated energy storage-each battery is sealed. Still, each battery has a valve that allows gas to escape when the internal pressure exceeds a specific value.

3 Lead-acid batteries for colloidal energy storage batteries that use colloidal electrolytes.

Energy storage battery testing standards:

North America

  1. Standard code: UL 1973

Standard name: Battery safety standard for light-duty electric rails (LER) and fixed equipment

Applicable products: stationary energy storage batteries

  1. Standard code: UL 2743

Standard name: portable power pack

Applicable products: car emergency ignition power supply or portable energy storage battery

  1. Standard code: UL 991

Standard name: Tests for the safety control of solid-state devices

Applicable products: BMS board

  1. Standard code: UL 1998

Standard name: Programmable component safety software

Applicable products: BMS board

  1. Standard code: UL 9540

Standard Name: Energy Storage System and Equipment Standard

Applicable products: energy storage systems and equipment

  1. Standard code: UL 9540A

Standard name: Test method for thermal runaway of battery energy storage system

Applicable products: energy storage systems and equipment

European region

  1. Standard code: IEC/EN 62619

Common name: Safety requirements for industrial lithium storage batteries and lithium storage batteries containing alkaline or non-acid electrolytes.

Applicable products: industrial lithium batteries and lithium battery packs

  1. Standard code: IEC 60730

Common name: Household and similar electric automatic controllers. Part 1: General requirements

Applicable products: BMS board


Standard code: GB/T 36276

Standard name: Lithium-ion battery for power storage

Applicable products: energy storage battery

Civil air transport

Standard code: UN 38.3

Standard name: United Nations Tests and Standards for Transport of Dangerous Goods

Applicable products: batteries or battery packs


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