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What To Do With A Punctured Lithium Ion Battery

16 Sep, 2021

By hqt

A punctured lithium ion battery will be dangerous. Once it punctured, the entire electrolyte present in it dries out at a bare minimum. At that moment, we may have many questions to ask. This article will tell you the risks of a punctured lithium ion battery and the safety tips. If you want to learn more, you can also check How to Recondition Punctured Batteries- Treatment Storage and Reconditioning and Will a lithium battery explode if it is punctured.

Lithium batteries now a day's comes in all shapes and sizes, but they are same on the inside and are of lighter in weight as compared to other batteries of the same capacity. The key element which drives the development of battery is may be the increasing interest of vitality proficient and very secure in use.

For buyer gadgets items, it is the most excellent decision as compared to the compact power source. The productivity can be enhanced by using the battery electric vehicles (BEV) and half electric vehicle (PHEV) in the car decision. These applications incorporate electric vehicles, robots, modern applications, and the marine industry applications.

The various majors should be follow on punctured the battery; otherwise, it may harm the person as well as the environment. These batteries have the ability to store a lot of charge with low resistance due to which they release a lot of presents. The terminals of the battery are short after punctured, which may cause a lot of current flow through the short and get heat up.

Punctured Lithium-Ion Battery Disposal:

When the lithium-ion battery shows the reaction with the oxygen, then it will burst or explode that can harm the workers or environment. It may come because of fire or hazard to the management facilities. So, the punctured battery will be disposed of in proper manners, which are discussed below:

In the case of punctured lithium battery, you have to follow some steps:

· Discharge the lithium battery as early as possible and as much as you can

· You can move lithium battery into an open space or let it heat up.

· You can dispose of the lithium battery by tapping the terminals of the punctured battery and gently deposit in a battery collection facility.

· When you feel that the battery is punctured, do not use the battery as it may catch fire.

The best method of disposal of the battery is that the lithium battery is to submerge in a tub of water, the salt water will be used, and you have to add half cup salt per gallon and does not disturb it for few days. You could not throw it into the trash as it may be a hazard if it is reaching in the home.

You can send the punctured battery in the recycling center or municipal household hazards waste recycling center.

The features Of Such Batteries Are May Be:

The most common features of the lithium-ion batteries include is that Prismatic and cylindrical forms, A flat discharge kind of voltage to permit stable power production in the production phase,

They do not have any type of memory effect, thereby offering complete charge for every cycle, can handle 500 cycles and sometimes more, high capacity, lightweight, high density in terms of energy or a lot of other features due to which these batteries are much well-liked. They are very secure to make use of an easy to operate. As compared to lead acid and nickel-cobalt battery, these are the safest battery in use.

Punctured Lithium-Ion Battery Risks:

· There are various types of risks when a battery is leaking as it damages the devices like the laptop, computer, or other devices.

· The lithium batteries after leaking release a chemical or the harmful substance which may cause the respiratory diseases, eye or skin irritation.

· The risks can be increased by mixing the battery types in the same devices and replacing of all the battery at the same type.

· If the lithium battery gets hot enough to ignite the electrolyte, then you are going to get a fire.

· The heat or the fumes of the heat should be avoided in near the battery as it may burst the battery.

Can You Throw Away A Punctured Lithium Ion Battery?

No, once it punctured, the entire electrolyte present in it dries out at a bare minimum. It's a significant risk to charge it and may catch fire. You can get away with using it for a few minutes to check the battery. The battery can be checked by giving it the high voltage, if the battery holds large voltage, then it is safe to use, but otherwise, it's a throwaway.

In the outside casing, there is no punctured sign or the no visible signs, but the faint sweet smell may check it. If you want to throw away the punctured battery, then you have to follow some instruction like you have to take the pre-measures before throwing the lithium battery.

You have to tape the area which may be punctured or treat it with some solutions which prevent its harmful effects on the environment.

The advantages of the lithium ion batteries are described below:

  1. Superior "useable" capacity: These batteries are considered as regular use because of more capacity of the lithium battery bank. These are unlike the lead-acid battery.
  2. Extended cycle life: The C-Rate and Depth of discharge affect the expected lifespan. Some of the significant recent research shows that an LFP battery delivers more than 90% of its capacity. Due to these features, some of these batteries are used in the electric vehicles industry.
  3. Size and weight advantages: This battery is having the great advantage that these are very light in weight due to which it is easy to carry. The sizes of these batteries are not large, so no problem in occupying space.

The Safety Tips Of The Battery Are Described Below:

These batteries are kept as loose batteries locked away to prevent access by small children.

The lithium batteries are keeping out of sight and reach of a small child. The daily uses items like the toys, hearing aids, electric keys, and much more contain these batteries.

In case of children get ingested these batteries, go to the hospital as early as possible and give a treatment as it may even cause death.


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