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Hybrid battery cost, Replacement, And Life span

06 Jan, 2022

By hoppt

Hybrid battery

A hybrid battery is a combined type of lead-acid and lithium-ion battery which allows vehicles to run electrically. Allowing the system to power up immediately after starting the engine, the batteries allow the vehicle to run for a short period like several miles to get away from a traffic jam or any other situation.

Hybrid battery cost

Lithium-ion battery approximately costs $1,000 (This cost may vary according to vehicle).

Hybrid battery replacement

The right time to replace a hybrid battery is when the vehicle has 100,000 miles or less on it. This is because hybrid batteries typically last for seven years. It is advisable not to go beyond that number.

Hybrid battery life span

A hybrid battery's life span depends on how it is used and maintained. If the car is used for short trips and kept parked for long hours, then the battery may not last as expected. If it is drained beyond its capacity and recharged again to a full extent instead of being partially charged, it will also be less effective. The following are some of the reasons why hybrid battery life shortens:

• Temperature extremes below -20 degrees Celsius or above 104 degrees

• Frequent short trips which do not allow the hybrid battery to properly recharge.

• Frequent full or partial discharges, often without allowing it to recharge occasionally.

• Driving on hilly roads that cause the vehicle engine to work harder than usual with further battery discharge

• Leaving the battery connected after the vehicle is turned off (like during hot summer days).

How to care for the hybrid battery

  1. Don't let the battery go below 3 bars

It is important to recharge the battery when it goes below 3 bars. When there are fewer bars, it means that the vehicle has consumed more power than what was taken from the main battery. Ensure that the USB is connected and turned on, and that hill hold control or any other power-consuming features that may be installed are turned off.

  1. Don't leave the battery on

Once you turn off your vehicle, the system begins drawing power from its main battery. If this happens several times during a single day, then there is the likelihood that the hybrid battery could be discharged. If it gets completely drained before recharging, then it weakens and shortens its life span.

  1. Use the right power cable

The USB cable that you use should have enough amperes to recharge your battery fully in 3 hours or less. Different vehicles have different recharging rates, so it is advisable not to buy cheap cables as they may not fit with your car's charging speed. Also, do not let the cable touch any metal that may cause a short.

  1. Avoid heating the battery

If there is overheating then it is likely that you decrease its life span. You can check your vehicle's manual for tips on how to keep it cool at all times. Also, avoid placing anything over it like padding or even a cover. If the temperature continues to rise, this will kill the battery by ruining the internal cell's chemistry.

  1. Don't let your battery discharge completely

Lithium-ion batteries don't have a memory, but it is still not advisable to run them down before recharging. Charging partially prolongs its life because it prevents excessive stress that may happen when you repeatedly charge from zero percent to full capacity.


A hybrid battery is the heart of the vehicle, so it is important to care for it. If you follow these tips, then your hybrid car's battery will give you better performance and a longer life span.


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