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Phone Battery Test

05 Jan, 2022

By hoppt

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Phone battery test refers to the function that tests the capacity of a phone battery. By measuring the voltage and current of a battery, it can be judged whether or not the battery is defective.

Phone Battery Tester Steps

  1. Remove the battery from your phone

A simple phone battery tester only requires a battery to be inserted into the device to test its capability.

  1. Connect your phone battery

Different testers use different connecting methods, but in most cases, a well-designed device will have 2 metal probes that can touch the connectors on both ends of a battery simultaneously when it is not attached to a phone.

  1. Read the Phone Battery Test Result

After connecting your phone battery to the device, read the output which is displayed by the LEDs or LCD screen on the device in terms of voltage and current readings. In most cases, a normal value listed for both values should be around 3.8V and 0-1A.

Phone Battery Test Multimeter

Steps to connect phone battery to a multimeter

  1. Take out the battery from the phone

A multimeter is usually in the form of a small device. All you have to do is to take out your phone battery from your phone and then put it into the socket on the back of the multimeter.

  1. Turn on the power

There are 2 ways to turn on a cell phone battery tester/multimeter, one is to turn on the power button, the other one is to press a special function key. The specific steps may vary from different devices. Although there are some preconditions that you have to pay attention to: firstly, do not touch the metal probes of the multimeter with your hand because it will lead to incorrect results.

  1. Read the output

The phone battery test result will be displayed on the LCD screen of the multimeter after you switch it to a voltage or current function. In most cases, a normal value should be around 3.8V and 0-1A.

Benefits Of Phone Battery Test

  1. Measuring the voltage and current of a battery can show if it is defective or not. Most normal batteries have a higher voltage than that which was displayed when the battery was first purchased because over time it will slowly drop due to use and wear.
  2. Testing a phone's battery allows you to find out whether your phone's power problems and malfunctions are caused by the phone's hardware or its battery. This is useful because if it is the battery that requires replacement, you have to get a new one instead of wasting time and money on other alternatives.
  3. Phone Battery Testing can also help prolong the life of your device's battery by using accurate methods to understand how much power is being drained by your phone. This may be achieved through monitoring the current being drawn from a battery using an ammeter, or measuring the voltage across a specific resistor with a voltmeter to calculate the power (Voltage x Current = Power).


The main function of a phone battery tester is to test the capacity of a phone battery. However, other functions can be performed by a multimeter such as testing digital circuits and checking if there is any short circuit or grounding faults in the wiring, and much more.


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