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Lithium battery manufacturers talk about batteries.

29 Dec, 2021

By hoppt

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Lithium battery manufacturers talk about batteries.

Today, HOPPT BATTERY, as a lithium battery manufacturer, talks to friends about the knowledge of lithium batteries, namely the composition, classification, and industrial chain of lithium batteries.

(1) Lithium-ion battery composition

Lithium-ion batteries are composed of batteries (such as HOPPT BATTERY batteries) and protective circuit boards. The batteries are an essential and core component of the storm, and their quality directly determines the quality of the lithium-ion battery. The main structure of lithium-ion batteries includes four parts: positive electrode material, harmful electrode material, electrolyte, and diaphragm. The quality of lithium-ion batteries is determined by the material and production process.

(2) Classification of lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries can be classified according to cathode material, use field, outer packaging material, and shape. We can be divided into power lithium-ion batteries and non-power lithium-ion batteries according to application fields; according to packaging materials, they can be divided into steel shell lithium-ion batteries, aluminum shell lithium-ion batteries, and soft pack lithium-ion batteries. The outer packaging material of the soft-packed lithium-ion battery is an aluminum-plastic composite film, which has the advantages of higher energy density, low mold opening cost, good safety, and flexible shape design. The market share of soft-pack lithium-ion batteries has been rising in recent years, especially in 3C products. It will further expand the application range of soft-pack ion batteries in the future.

(3) Industry chain of lithium-ion batteries

After nearly two decades of development, the lithium-ion battery industry has formed an industrial chain system with a high degree of specialization and a clear division of labor. The upstream is manufacturers of lithium-ion anode and cathode materials, electrolytes, separators, other materials, and production equipment; the midstream is manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries and battery modules, namely lithium battery manufacturers; the downstream application market includes consumer products and power products And energy storage products, etc.

HOPPT BATTERY, a lithium battery manufacturer, focuses on the R&D, production, and sales of lithium batteries and off-grid energy storage systems.


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