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How to use a car battery charger

23 Dec, 2021

By hoppt

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Everyone is supposed to know how to use the battery charger since the battery of the car can die anytime, like when you are in the cold winter months. The car battery trickle charges the car battery slowly and has less value. If by any chance your car shows these signs of the battery dying or you have issues with your car battery, you need to carry the charger in your car to avoid delays and be safe. When charging the battery, it is important to apply safety by wearing goggles. It is also important to be aware that the battery may explode when charging, so be careful when doing this process since it is a risk but necessary.

Tips on how to use the battery charger
First, you need to acquire a battery charger. Not all chargers are the same, so it is important to know the model of the charger you need to use in charging your battery. Go through the instructions on how the charger is used and understand each button and dial displayed there. This will help avoid bad connections of the terminals, which can cause accidents on the spot.

The next step is connecting the charger to the battery. After understanding the basic elements of the charger and the battery, the next thing is connecting them. You can choose to charge the battery while inside the car or remove it since either of the two methods is fine. The first thing here is attaching the positive clamp, which is red, to the car battery's positive pot. Always the positive has a positive sign "+." The next thing is attaching the negative clamp, which is usually black, to the negative post of the car battery. The negative post also contains the negative sign "+."

The next thing is setting the charger. This involves setting the volts and amps applied to the battery. If you consider trickle slowly charging your battery, you need to set the charger in a low amperage than quickly trying to start the car. Trickle charging is the best way to go if you have enough time since it will charge the battery in the right manner, but if you are late and need to do the charging faster, you will apply a higher amperage.

Step four is plug in and charge. The charger will start doing its work after plugging it into the battery. You may decide to set the time the charging will take place or allow the system to shut down automatically; in this case, time is the matter to consider. It is advisable to avoid playing with the charges while charging or moving them since it may affect the process or cause shocks.

After charging is done, disconnect the charger from the battery. It would help if you unplugged it from the wall. When removing the cable, you will oppositely disconnect them you attached them. It would help if you started with the negative clamp first and the positive one. At this point, your battery should be charged and ready to continue with its work.


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