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How to Recharge Batteries in Freezer?

05 Jan, 2022

By hoppt

AAA Battery

Batteries can stop working when you least expect them to stop. Sometimes they stop working when you cannot have the replacement immediately or when you have an emergency. If you have been in such a situation, you are not alone. Knowing recharge methods without buying new ones or using electric methods will mean the world to you. If you have been stuck in such situations, I have a quick solution. In this article, we will learn methods to recharge your used batteries in a freezer.

To better understand this concept, we will need to learn more about AAA batteries to know this theory that makes them being easily recharged using a freezer.

What are these batteries?
They are dry cell batteries used on lightweight devices. They are tiny because a normal battery measures 10.5mm in diameter and 44.5 lengths. They are widely used since they offer more energy, and some types of equipment are made to use such type of battery alone. However, we have experienced several upgrades to small electronics which don't use such batteries. But that doesn't mean their use is declining because some electronics requiring their energy are being manufactured each day.

Types of AAA batteries

  1. Alkaline
    Alkaline is a very common battery type found all over. They are cheap, but they work perfectly. They boost a mAh of 850 to 1200 with a 1.5 voltage. It should be noted that such batteries are not recharged once they stop working; therefore, you will need to buy new ones for replacement. There is another alkaline type that can be recharged, so be sure to check this on their packet.
  2. Nickel oxy-hydroxide
    Nickel oxy-hydroxide is another battery but with an additional element: nickel oxyhydroxide. The introduction of nickel increases the battery's power from 1.5 to 1.7v. As a result, NiOOH is commonly used on electronics that drain energy quickly, like cameras. Unlike the previous, these do not recharge.

Steps to recharge batteries in the freezer?

Remove the batteries from the device.
Put them in a plastic bag.
Place them into a freezer and allow them to sit in there for about 10 to 12 hours.
Take them out and allow them to gain room temperature.

Do they recharge?
When you freeze batteries, they increase energy but only 5%. This amount is too small compared to the original energy. But if you had an emergency, it makes sense. In other words, recharging using a freezer should only be entertained in case of any emergency because using a freezer to some extent lowers their lifespan.

Recharging batteries is not a good idea, but sometimes desperate situations require desperate measures. Thus you can give it a shot knowing that you will never use them after that. Twelve hours is a long duration for a 5% recharge. Even if the method is said to be helpful, I'm afraid I have to disagree because if the method is to help during an emergency, the recharge should be instant.


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