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A golf car battery is a storage battery; its function is to gather limited energy and use it in a suitable place. They are mainly used in automobiles, golf cars, electric caravans, electric sweepers, and other products.
At present, golf cars use lead-acid batteries, and the best working environment temperature of this battery is 15°C-40°C. Below this temperature, the amount of power stored in the battery will decrease. The lower the temperature, the more pronounced the drop in power consumption. Due to the low temperature in winter, It will also reduce the driving distance of golf car. When the temperature rises, this phenomenon will resume. The easiest way to ensure the regular use of golf cars is to allow users to charge them quickly.
Therefore, HOPPTBATTERY has launched a lithium golf cart battery with more robust performance, longer battery life, and more substantial power.

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What Are The Characteristics of This Content?

Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) don't require active maintenance to extend their service life. Also, the batteries show no memory effects and due to low self-discharge (<3% per month), you can store them for a longer period of time.lead-acid batteries need special maintenance. if not their life span will be decreased even more.

What Benefits

You can store them for a longer period of time.Lead-acid batteries need special maintenance.If not their life span will be decreased even more.

  • Support for Class l, Class ll and select Class lll devices
  • Soft pack, hard plastic and metal housing
  • Support for top tier cell providers
  • Customized battery management for fuel gauging, cell balancing, safety circuit
  • Quality manufacturing (iso 9001)

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