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Curve Battery

14 Jan, 2022

By hoppt

Curve Battery

Curve battery

Curve batteries exist in many tools like phones. They are designed to curve perfectly in the palm of your hand and blend comfortably; they are considered decretive and durable batteries. The curve of these batteries has a unique shape which helps the phone of the tool which is using the battery from accidental cracks while at the same time showing the easy use of the device with such kind of battery. The curve battery is usually equipped with a magnetic connection to ensure a perfect fit in the device it is made to charge. The curve battery is made to ensure an easy switch between the cartridges. The battery is built to suit the capability of an air switch which allows the easy use of the device without pressing the button while other buttons of the device continue functioning well. The curve battery has a USB charger to allow easy battery charging once it goes low. The lifespan of this battery is high since it will last even if you are using it, like in the case of mobile phones. A good example of such a curve battery is 4SCORE, which is of size: 43.5mm(H)*55.5mm(W). its weight is 46g with a capacity of 400mAh. The variable voltage is 3.3V (green)- 3.6V (blue)- 3.9V (red). The connection of the battery is 510 thread, and its charging is done through a micro USB charger.

Primary performance of curve battery

Most of the curve batteries can be customized according to the requirements. The rated voltage for such batteries is 4.5V, the charge and discharge voltage lies between 3.0 to 4.4V, and the charging temperature of these batteries lies between zero degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius. The discharging temperature also lies between -20 to +60 degrees delicious. The storage temperature of these batteries lies between -10 to +45 degrees Celsius. The standard charge of these batteries is 0.2C, and the maximum charge is 2C. the standard charging method employed in this case is 0.22C constant current charge of 4.4V.

The cost of mold

There are different batteries made through curving of the batteries during manufacturing, but for the case of curve batteries, every step starts from the production process. Most of the curve batteries are made from polymer of arc lithium. Regarding the price incurred in the manufacturing of curve batteries, the price is higher since it needs many skills, unlike other types of batteries.

Production time of curve batteries

Before you buy such kinds of batteries, it is essential to understand the production time the battery will take before it is recharged for those tools that need a lot of energy for production purposes. Curve arc battery usually takes 45 days after confirmation. Of cause after contacting the producers, it becomes easy to understand what is being done on the batteries.

Curve battery requirements

The curve battery is usually made of arc lithium, and the appearance package is done using an aluminum film package. We need to be specific on the use of the battery before purchasing it. Your environment, charge and discharge specifications, voltage capacity, finished product needs, and other needs will help you determine the correct curve battery you need for your workplace.


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