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Crucial Factors to Consider When Shopping for Solar Batteries

13 Apr, 2022

By hoppt

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For most homeowners, solar energy is still a new concept. This is despite the high rate at which people are switching to solar energy. If you don’t have much information about this renewable type of energy, shopping for solar batteries, which are a critical part of the installation, can be difficult. We are here to ensure you invest in the best solar batteries. That’s why we compiled a quick guide on the essential factors you should consider when buying solar batteries.

  1. Capacity Rating

A battery capacity shows how much energy it can store. You will see a total capacity and usable capacity rating in most solar batteries. The usable capacity rating is what you should focus mainly on. This will dictate the amount of electricity the battery will provide you with. Always go for a solar battery with a high-capacity rating.

  1. Power Rating

When it comes to solar batteries, the higher the ratings, the better the performance. Power rating refers to how much energy the battery can channel to your appliances at once. There are two types of power ratings; the continuous power rating, which entails the electricity your battery will continuously supply. There is also the peak power rating which refers to the highest amount of electricity a solar battery can release at a certain duration. The number one rule is to go for solar batteries with high power ratings.

  1. Voltage

There is one factor a lot of people usually overlook: the voltage. A solar battery will be added to your solar home set-up. The voltage must be compatible with the panels and the rest of the things.

  1. Lifespan

A good solar battery should serve you for around ten years. Obviously, these batteries will lose their ability to hold a charge after a while. As you shop for a solar battery, opt for one warrantied to run for at least 75% of its original capacity. That’s the only way you are assured of longer battery life.

  1. Safety

Batteries can experience thermal runaway whereby they catch fire if exposed to high temperatures. The solar battery you are buying for your home or RV should meet the necessary safety requirements. That guarantees your safety.

  1. Cost

Price is also a critical factor to consider when shopping for solar batteries. Cheap solar batteries will have a lower lifespan, and you should expect low power and capacity ratings. These days the prices of quality solar batteries have decreased. All you have to do is compare different rates. It’s worth noting that homeowners can qualify for a solar tax credit in certain states. This can significantly lower your costs.

Final Thoughts

Whether you live in a motorhome or have access to the electrical grid, a solar battery can provide you with many benefits. When you install this battery in your system, caravan owners are assured of continuous energy supply when on the road. Even if your home has access to the electrical grid, a solar battery will come in handy when outages occur. It will also save you a lot of money on energy bills.


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