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Why Switching to Home Battery Energy Storage is an Economic Win for Your Family

04 Mar, 2022

By hoppt

home battery energy storage

Home battery energy storage is option homeowners are starting to adopt quickly due to its valuable benefits.

It's no secret solar power. It is set to explode in popularity, and home battery energy storage is the next logical step. The average home can easily cut its utility costs by more than half by using solar power and home energy storage. Even better, home batteries make even more financial sense for families who use net-metering programs where electricity can flow both ways. So home battery users still get credit when they put extra renewable energy into the grid.

Even with all these benefits, home battery systems might seem like a luxury we can't afford; however, economics says otherwise: home batteries represent a substantial economic opportunity for American families. Batteries are already dropping in price by 10-25% each year. Utility prices also continue to rise so that home battery systems will save homeowners even more money than ever before. When you tally up the benefits of home batteries for your home, they represent an immediate economic opportunity that can be realized within just a few years.

How much do home batteries cost?

The upfront cost is the first thing most people consider when considering home batteries. However, home batteries aren't like solar panels—which must be bought all at once and require professional installation—battery storage systems come as one part with no extra labor costs required.

So what are these magical home batteries?

A few home battery systems are on the market, but Tesla's home batteries are easily the most popular and widely known. Tesla home batteries run around $7,000 for 10kWh and $3,500 for 7kWh (although you can buy refurbished models that cost less). Although these seem like steep prices, home batteries pay themselves back in just a few years, making home battery storage an economic win.

What are home energy storage benefits?

There are more than enough economic reasons to switch to home energy storage, but home batteries provide more than just financial benefits. Batteries have built-in protection against power outages, so you'll never have to worry about losing electricity during blackouts or high-demand charges again. This adds significant peace of mind to home energy storage, worth more than money can buy.

How much do home batteries save families?

Home batteries are the real deal in financial opportunities, with home energy storage systems saving homeowners hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year. A family that switches to home battery storage will see immediate savings with electricity bills dropping up to 50%. However, home batteries also offer long-term benefits when you consider how utility prices are rising every year—home batteries will only increase in value over time, so they'll continually save more and more each year.

All in all, home energy storage systems are the future of home electricity generation. As home battery prices drop and utility prices continue to rise, home batteries will become even more valuable.

Now that you know home batteries are the wave of the future, it's time to consider how much you can save by switching to home energy storage today.

If home battery energy storage is interested in learning more about, please contact your local home improvement contractor. Home improvement contractors can aid homeowners in getting home batteries installed and provide additional information on how home batteries work to reduce costs.


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