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What Battery Can Replace CR1225?

06 Jan, 2022

By hoppt

CR1225 batteries

CR1225 are coin cell batteries popular for their extemporal shelf life. They come with excellent safety and stability standards. CR1225 battery is most preferred for low drain applications. It comes with a 12mm diameter, a height of 2.5.mm, and a weight of approximately 1 gram per piece.

One CR1225 features a total battery capacity of 50mAh, sufficient to provide power supply to most home electronic gadgets. They power watches, calculators, motherboards, and devices.

CR1225 has a unique large size that stands out among other batteries of its caliber. It has the shape and size of a coin but has an extremely high power supply. If used correctly, it can work thoroughly for two to three years. Some go for four years.

Perfect Replacements

Renata CR1225

Another CR1225 replacement battery in the market today is the Renata CR1225. The Renata battery is made of lithium and weighs up to 1.25 lbs. you do not have to think of its replacement due to its high lifespan. It’s the most popular batter used on medical thermometers. Unlike some batteries without manufacturing dates, Renata battery CR1225 has manufacturing dates on the package though you might take time to locate them.


BR1225 is the most popular CR1225 replacement battery. Panasonic in Indonesia makes it. The batteries are similar in their physical attributes. They feature lithium 3.0 V. BR1225, most common in dog collars, powers thermometers, used in PDAs, key-less remotes, medical scales, heart rate monitors, computer motherboards, remote controls, and most electronic devices smaller than a computer mouse.

Though perfect replacements, BR1225 and CR1225 are unique chemistry performances that provide unique battery power, voltage, self–discharge rate, shelf life, and operating temperature. Similar labels with same physical attributes of 12.5 X 2.5 mm include ECR1225, DL1225, DL1225B, BR1225-1W, CR1225-1W, KCR1225, LM1225, 5020LC, L30, ECR1225EN. The different electrical discharges determine the applications.

The main difference between the CR1225 battery and its replacements is the electrical discharge due to different chemical properties. As in any shiny object, the most significant risk caused by these batteries is swallowing by kids and pets. The manufacture thus packages these gadgets in kids and pets safe packages.

When swallowed, the batteries cause severe health issues like abdominal chemical burns and severe damage to internal body organs. Manufacturers refrain from using mercury, cadmium, and other highly toxic materials to lessen the risk of damage if abused.


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