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VR device battery

17 Jan, 2022

By hoppt


VR device battery

VR batteries are designed, developed, and manufactured by HOPPT BATTERY and usually come with standards having qualifications of Europe demands. VR device battery usually comes with a customized size that is the dimension and capacity can be changed if needed. The VR device battery has quality assurance having UL1642 as its testing standard. Usually, before they are given to the market by the manufacturer, they have to pass the product test by 100 percent. Therefore, it is essential if you look for a VR device battery; you get t from the suppliers or producers known for providing legit products.

VR device battery parameter

The model number of this battery is usually the same for many of these products that as HZT602040PL; the type of battery is called polymer battery. The dimension of the battery is 6mm(T)20mm(W)42mm(L). the nominal voltage of the battery is 3.7V; little capacity is 400mAh, the battery's power is 1.48Wh with a life cycle of more than 500times. The VR device battery usually has a cut-off discharge voltage of 2.4V and a cut-off charge voltage of 4.20V. The standard charging current of this is 0.2C, and the standard discharge current is 0.2C. The maximum continuous discharge and change are 1C in both cases. When charging, the working temperature is between 0 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius. For the case of discharging, the temperature ranges from 20-60 degree Celsius. The storage temperature required in this case ranges from 20-60 degrees Celsius, and the humidity in the same condition is 60 percent. VR device battery is certified with a passed system of ISO9001, UL, UN, CE, and REACH. Usually, when you buy the VR device battery from their manufacturer stores, there is a warrant of twelve months given in case of any problem when you have purchased the product.

Features of VR Device battery

The battery has a customized size meaning the dimension of the battery and its capacity can be changed. The battery has a high level of quality assurance; before the product is freed to the market, it has to pass the product test by 100 percent functionality; they also measure the test standard of the battery to see its functionality. The battery is known to have high and stable performance; the battery has long cycle life. The battery is known to support over 500 times of charging and discharging because the battery capacity is more than 80 percent. The battery is known to provide high levels of safety. The presence of built-in circuit protection has no fire features; there is no explosion expected to be there under this short circuit, overcharge, impact, acupuncture, over-discharge, and vibration. And high temperature. Many producers of these batteries usually ensure an explosion-proof valve to ensure safety. All the polymer battery cells have colloidal electricity that bugles at high conditions but will not explode. Every company, therefore, has to ensure there is a strict quality inspection of the battery before it is being sold to the market.

Application field

There are many uses where the VR device battery is used. These include Bluetooth headset, GPS navigator, POS machine, Smart wearable, power bank, car navigation, MP3, MP4, MP5, learning tablet, speaker, mobile phone, wireless mouse, display, tablet computers, laptop, PSP, Apple peripheral power supply elements, medical tools, LED Lamps, different DIY elements, portable small household elements, digital battery products, and metal detectors.


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