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Tips For Selecting Best Battery For Solar Panel

24 Apr, 2022

By hoppt

battery for solar panel

Solar battery is defined by many as the backup device which has capability to storing electricity to be used later. Most probably, this storage is most functional when there is blackout, and they have to back up to save the situation. That will help keep all appliances running when a blackout is experienced, and they will in the long run, save on cost of unplanned expenses. These solar panel batteries are called deep cycle batteries since they can easily charge and also discharge some electricity capacity, unlike for instance the case of vehicle battery.

However, before selecting the best battery for solar panel in your usage, there are some essential factors to consider first. The factors will help you make a rational decision and purchase a durable, efficient and effective, and cost saving battery for your usage. Our topic focuses on factors you should remember when selecting the best battery for solar panel.

Considerations Before Selecting Battery For Solar Panel

Battery storage capacity/Usage/Size

You must consider capacity which any battery can store for home supply when power outage occurs. You should know the battery’s capacity to know the time taken for your backup battery to sustain your home appliances. Select a usable electricity capacity since it reflects the stored electricity amount which is accessible in your battery.

Roundtrip efficiency

This is the metric used for measuring your inverter and battery ability to store and convert electricity. During electrical process, some kWh is likely to be lost during direct current to alternating current electricity inversion. This will tell you the electricity units you get to a single unit imputed to the battery. You must be aware of this when selecting the right solar panel battery.

Battery lifecycle and Lifetime

This is measured with, expected cycles, expected throughput, and expected years in which it will be on operation. The expected cycles and throughput are like the mileage warranty. With knowledge on expected throughput, you will know electricity that will be moved in the battery throughout its entire lifecycle. Cycle stands to number of times one can charge and discharge these solar panel batteries. It is important that we know that.


Always ensure you know the above tips, so they can help you get the perfect battery for solar panel for your home.


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