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Shaped Lithium Ion Battery

18 Dec, 2021

By hoppt

shaped lithium ion battery

Lithium batteries meet a significant power need in various aspects of our lives. You find them in cell phones, laptops, vehicles, and power tools alike. Currently, there are three main types of shaped lithium ion battery structures, including rectangular, cylindrical, and pouch. The shape of a lithium battery matters because each structure has its own features, pros, and cons. Let’s take a closer look.

What Shapes Can Lithium Batteries Be Made into?

  1. Rectangular

The rectangular lithium battery is a steel shell or aluminum shell rectangular battery with a very high expansion rate. In recent years, it has been fundamental to the power developments seen in the automobile industry. You can see it in the distinction between battery capacity and cruising range in vehicles, especially those with batteries made in China.

Generally, the rectangular lithium battery has a very high energy density thanks to its simple structure. It is also light because, unlike the round battery, it does not have a housing made of high-strength stainless steel or accessories like explosion-proof valves. The battery also has two processes (lamination and winding) and has a higher relative density.

  1. Cylindrical/Round

The cyclical or round lithium battery has a very high market penetration rate. It has a high degree of automation, stable product mass transfer, and uses highly advanced replacement processes. Even better, it is relatively affordable and comes in a wide range of models.

This battery structure is crucial to the field of cruising range improvement and electric vehicles. It offers stability, efficiency, and affordability in terms of cycle life, product quality, and manufacturing cost. In fact, more and more companies are dedicating their resources to producing round lithium batteries.

  1. Pouch Cell

Generally, the primary contents of the pouch cell lithium battery are not that different from rectangular and traditional steel lithium batteries. This includes the anode materials, cathode materials, and separators. The uniqueness of this battery structure comes from its flexible battery packaging materials, which is a modern aluminum-plastic composite film.

The composite film is not just the most crucial part of the pouch battery; it is also the most technical to produce and adapt. It is divided into the following layers:

· Outer resist layer, containing PET and nylon BOPA and acts as a protective cover.

· Barrier layer, made of aluminum foil (intermediate)

· Inner layer, which is a high barrier layer with several uses

This material makes the pouch battery highly useful and adaptable.

Applications of Special-Shaped Lithium Battery

As mentioned in the premise, lithium batteries have a wide range of applications. Special Shaped Lithium Polymer Batteries are applicable in many areas of day to day life and can be used in:

· Wearable products, like wristbands, Smartwatch, and medical bracelets.

· Headsets

· Medical devices


The batteries in these materials are designed specifically to be more adaptable and wearable. Generally, special-shaped lithium batteries make battery powered tools more portable and accessible.


One of the key advantages of lithium battery technology is high energy density and shaped lithium ion battery structures only make this more possible, especially when they are special-shaped. Now that you know the different battery structures available, you can better choose a lithium battery that meets your power and energy needs.


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