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Smart Lithium Battery Ups Power Supply 3KVA-3U Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery



The household energy storage system is similar to a miniature energy storage power station, and its operation is not affected by the city's power supply pressure. During the low power consumption period, the battery pack in the household energy storage system can be self-charged to be used in the case of standby power peaks or power outages. In addition to being used as an emergency power source, home energy storage systems can also save household electricity costs because they can balance the electrical load.

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Hoppt product’s safety performance is comfirmed to

  • UL1642 standard.No leakage, capacity Recovery rate:³ 90% (storage 3h)
  • No explode, no fire, no  leakage.
  • Avoid insolation or dropping into fire.
  • Avoid shorting the battery.
  • Avoid excessive physical shock or vibration.
  • Don’t disassemble or deform the battery.
  • Don’t immerse in water.
  • Don’t use the battery mixed with other model or manufacturer batteries.
  • Battery charge should be used appropriate charger.


Basic Parameters

Match UPS 3KVA
Charging Voltage 96V
Upper Limit Voltage 109.5V
Lower Limit Voltage 75V
Rated Capacity 50Ah
Rated Energy 4.8Kwh
Standard Charging Current CC Mode 50A Termination Current 1.25A
Maximum Instantaneous Current 3S 100A
Maximum Discharge Power 3Kwh
Backup Time 90min
Weight 65kg
Operating Temperature Range -10℃~55℃
Communication Method 485/CAN Communication
Service Life 2500cycles
Dimensions 3U 443*132*530


  • Data Center
  • Communication
  • Home Energy Storage
  • Distributed Energy Storage
  • Photovoltaic Energy Storage

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