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HB 48V 12Ah Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery

Electric bicycle battery
Electric bicycle battery
Electric bicycle battery
Electric bicycle battery
Electric bicycle battery
Electric bicycle battery


Lithium batteries for electric bicycles use nickel cobalt manganese lithium, lithium batteries, and other material systems, with high specific energy, long cycle life, good safety, high and low-temperature performance, lightweight, good performance, and environmental protection. According to users, The different needs of the use of batteries are combined into different sizes.

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Hoppt product’s safety performance is comfirmed to

  • According to the actual needs of customers, It can combine single batteries into battery packs of different sizes according to customer requirements. It can discharge the battery pack under the environment of -20℃~45℃.
  • Cylindrical batteries, with good safety performance and strong adaptability.
  • The product has a long cycle life, which can generally reach more than 800 times under 100% DOD.
  • Excellent high-temperature cycle performance, more than 500 cycles at 55°C at 1C.
  • Excellent low-temperature performance, the capacity of the single battery is maintained at more than 75% at -20 degrees, and the power of the battery pack is maintained at more than 85%.
  • Wide operating temperature range, everyday work within -20°C~55°C.
  • The specific energy is high. At present, the particular point of the single battery is about 200Wh, and the battery pack reaches more than 130Wh.
  • The self-discharge rate of fully-charged storage at room temperature for one month is less than 4%.
  • Our company has fully automated production technology and production equipment, and the production of batteries has good consistency.
  • High performance-price ratio, similar products are highly competitive.
  • HOPPT BATTERY is of excellent quality and meets various international standards. It has successfully passed BATSO, CE, CB, UL, UN38.3, RoHS, and many other international certifications and quality inspections by authoritative organizations.


Electrical Parameter

Rate voltage 48V
Rate capacity 12AH
Energy 576Wh
Weight 6.0kg
Package Customized Package


  • The powerful lithium-ion battery module for electric bicycles is specially designed and developed by HOPPT BATTERY for electric mopeds, bikes, and motorcycles. The product has several national patented technologies and is a safe, environmentally friendly, lightweight, and long-life power lithium-ion battery.

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