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Can lithium-ion batteries go on a plane?

23 Dec, 2021

By hoppt

I hope you are traveling soon, but do you figure what is involved when traveling with lithium batteries? Well, I beg you don’t know.

When traveling with lithium-ion batteries, some restrictions must be adhered to completely. The batteries may seem small, but in a fire, the damage they cause is unimaginable.

When exposed to high temperatures and ignite, they can produce high heat levels, producing inextinguishable fires.

Lithium-ion batteries must be stored safely on planes, either in carry-on or checked baggage. The reason is that when they catch fire, the results are disastrous.

Some of the gadgets carried into the planes like smartphones, hoverboards and electronic cigarettes have lithium-ion batteries and may burst into flames and explode when they heat up. For this reason, if the gadgets have to get into the plane, they need to be separated from other flammable materials.

Besides, some types of lithium-ion batteries can be allowed into planes. For example, if you have a wheelchair designed with inbuilt batteries, you will be allowed to board the plane. However, it would be best to inform the crew members so that the batteries may be packed safely for a safe flight properly.

Below are ways you can comfortably travel with lithium-ion batteries.

Carry smart suitcases with built-in lithium-ion batteries and an inbuilt charging system to power your electronic devices. However, many airlines never allow them on board; hence it’s advisable to liaise with the airport authorities over the baggage.

Secondly, you may put your lithium batteries on carry-on luggage, separating each battery to prevent short-circuiting.

Thirdly, if you have power banks or other electronic devices with lithium-ion batteries, carry them in carry-on baggage, ensuring they don’t short circuit.

Last but not least, if you have electronic cigarettes and vape pens, you may carry them in carry-on luggage. However, you need to confirm with the authorities for safe custody.

Why can’t you pack lithium batteries?

Lithium batteries have raised safety concerns for decades. The primary reason is poor packing and manufacturing flaws that cause catastrophic problems.

When lithium-ion batteries are stored in planes, the main concern is fire could spread unnoticed. Any mishap in the batteries could cause a small fire that could trigger and light up flammable materials in the plane.

When onboard, lithium-ion batteries pose a significant threat to the passengers in the plane. In the event of a fire, the batteries explode, causing a fire in the aircraft.

Despite the dangers, some lithium-ion batteries are permitted on board, particularly those packed in carry-on baggage, while others are prohibited.

To carry lithium-ion batteries, you need to move them safely, and they need to be packed on carry-on baggage and need to be checked over the counter. Many aviation authorities have outlawed the transportation of lithium-ion batteries due to fire mishaps.

Even though planes have fire extinguishers, crew members are obliged to do so because a fire generated by lithium-ion batteries is so large that the equipment can fail to put it out. When flying, keep lithium-ion battery gadgets in mind.


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