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How to charge the 18650 battery

17 Dec, 2021

By hoppt

How to charge the 18650 battery

Good batteries can extend the device’s life, and you should choose the 18650, which effectively keeps your devices charged. You should learn about the 18650 battery, how to charge it, and the charging methods to improve its lifespan. You should learn about the charging precaution as the battery can easily overcharge, leading to an explosion. You should correctly use the charger for your battery and devices. Read on about the 18650 battery and charger and how to care for them.

Charging Method

You can charge the 18650 battery with constant voltage and current, and you can choose a current charger with 1/5 battery capacity and a 0.5C charging current. Its capacity is about 1800 and 2600mAh. You should choose a charger that provides enough current without damaging the battery. You can charge the battery with a constant current to raise the voltage to 4.2V. However, you can switch to the constant voltage after reaching the charger setting value.

If the 18650 battery does not have a protective plate, you can improve the charging method with deep charging. Moreover, you can discharge a new or long-term unused battery, as discharging it will help it form a protective film on the negative electrode. The protective plates help the battery from being passivated and elongate its life.

Precautions for Charging

The 18650 battery can catch fire and explode due to internal short-circuiting, and this might be an issue with poor manufacturing and user abuse. You can charge the batteries safely away from the device, and it would be better to purchase a good battery charger to charge your device. Thus, you would choose devices with safety firing button locks, battery vent holes, and battery covers. You can keep the battery within sight when charging and ensure the devices which can catch fire are not close to the battery. If the batteries are damaged, you can dispose of them immediately, and it would be better to use the batteries which come with the device.

How To Use the Correct Charger

The lithium battery charger is intelligent and can sense battery type, condition, and chemistry. The chargers apply to different battery ranges such as NiCd, NiMH, and other lithium batteries. Essential features of the smart battery charges include the number of slots, charging currents and modes, accepted battery size, and offers different current capacities for different batteries.

Some batteries have a built-in USB battery charger which can be connected to the USB port and onboard electronics. The USB charger is useful for a few batteries for their devices, and the USB port can reduce the battery capacity.

Final Thoughts

The right battery and charger can elongate your device’s lifespan. Thus, choosing a better battery that offers the best power supply to the device without compromising its functions is better. A battery can easily explode during charging; thus, you should choose an efficient battery such as the 18650 battery. However, the 18650 battery can overcharge and explode, and you should take some precautions. You should know how to correctly use the charger for your battery and devices. Good luck caring for your 18650 battery and charger.


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