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High Voltage Lithium Battery

20 Dec, 2021

By hoppt

High Voltage Lithium Battery

A regular Lithium-ion Polymer (LiPo) battery has a full charge of 4.2V. On the other hand, a High Voltage Lithium Battery or LiHv battery can charge to very high voltages of 4.35V. 4.4V, and 4.45V. This is a considerable amount if you take into account the fact that a normal-voltage battery has a full charge of 3.6 to 3.7V. In fact, high-voltage batteries have begun to permeate the large-scale industry and are getting more and more useful. Let’s review these cells and their uses.

High Voltage Lithium Battery Cell

The energy storage capacity of a battery is usually determined by its energy density. Compared to traditional LiPo batteries, high voltage lithium batteries are more energy-intensive and their cells can charge to higher voltages. When you consider the fact that a battery’s capacity can usually be increased by approximately 15 percent, you begin to see why the high voltage lithium battery cell is impressive.

What Is a High-Voltage Lithium Battery?

So the high voltage lithium battery is impressive, but what is it exactly? A high voltage lithium battery of LiHv is a form of Lithium-ion Polymer battery but the Hv means high voltage because it is significantly more energy intensive than its counterparts. As mentioned, these batteries are able to charge to voltage levels of 4.35V or more. This is a lot considering a normal polymer battery can only charge to 3.6V.

The immense energy capacity of high voltage lithium batteries gives it some perks that average consumers and industries alike will love. These include:

  1. Longer Run Times and Higher Capacities: The high voltage lithium battery has a larger capacity than the traditional battery, despite being smaller. It can also run for longer.
  2. Higher Voltages: The peak and nominal cell voltages in LiHv batteries are higher than usual. This gives the battery a very high cut-off charging voltage.
  3. Customizable Shapes: The high voltage lithium battery requires less power and is very delicate. Additionally, it can be adapted to fit into a wide range of devices.

The ability of high voltage lithium batteries to be molded into different sizes and shapes ensures that it can fit in a wide range of devices. It also allows for longer operational times.

High Voltage Lithium Battery Application

Electrical devices keep improving every day and, with these technological advancements, come the need for batteries with a smaller build, larger capacity, and longer discharge. This explains why high voltage lithium batteries are growing more and more popular.

Thanks to their ability to charge quickly and offer a high output, these batteries have a wide range of applications in electric and hybrid industries. You will find them in:

· Boat motors

· Drones

· Electronic devices like, laptops, tablets, and cell phones

· E-Bikes

· Vaping devices

· Power tools

· Hoverboards

· Solar power backup units


As mentioned, a High Voltage Lithium Battery can reach very high voltages – as high as 4.45V. But while such high power reserves can have numerous applications (as we have seen) you should never try to overcharge your battery for more power. Keep within the maximum charging voltage provided by the manufacturer to ensure you do not damage your high voltage battery.


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