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Everything you need to know about a UPS Battery

06 Apr, 2022

By hoppt


UPS is the abbreviation of an uninterruptible power supply known as a battery backup. The battery offers backup power when the voltage of your regular power source drops to an unacceptable level or fails. A UPS battery ensures a safe and orderly shut down for any connected device like a computer.

How long can a UPS last?

On average, a UPS battery can last for three to five years, but some can last even more while others can die within a lesser time. However, various factors can determine how long a UPS battery lasts. In general, the amount of time the battery last is usually determined by how you maintain it. You should, for instance, have in mind that most UPS batteries are designed to last for at least five years. Therefore, keeping your battery in good condition means that it will still possess fifty percent of its original capacity even after five years.

How to maintain and prolong UPS batteries

There are a few ways to maintain the condition of your battery and hence prolong its lifespan. One way to increase the lifespan is by ensuring that you install the unit in a temperature-controlled environment. Avoid placing it near windows, doors, or an area prone to moisture or draft. You should also avoid areas that could accumulate corrosive fumes and dust. Another thing that can help maintain the lifespan of your battery is using it frequently. Note that the lifespan of an unused battery is shorter than that of a used battery. It is important to ensure that the battery is charged at least once every three months, failure to which it will start losing its capacity and last even for 18 to 24 months only instead of the recommended five years.

Benefits of possessing a UPS battery

• It is a reliable source of emergency power supply.
• It protects a device that is voltage-sensitive from bad electricity
• It maintains a battery’s life
• It provides surge protection
• It is a great power back up for industries
• With it, nothing will come to a halt in case of a blackout.


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