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Distributed energy is an energy supply method that integrates energy production and consumption arranged on the user side. It can provide users with multiple energy supplies of cold, heat, and electricity. It has the characteristics of on-site utilization, clean and low-carbon, considerable interaction, flexible and efficient, etc., Is an indispensable and essential part of the modern energy system. Distributed energy storage is a necessary auxiliary for distributed energy systems. Distributed energy storage systems have flexible access locations. They are primarily used in low- and medium-voltage distribution networks, distributed power generation and microgrids, and user-side applications.

Distributed energy storage is more active in the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, and other regions. In addition to high end-user electricity prices and reasonable peak-to-valley electricity tariffs, these countries also have more favorable electricity price systems for energy storage applications. Introduce distributed energy storage subsidies or incentive policies to support the development of local hybrid solar storage systems or independent household energy storage systems to help users reduce electricity prices, increase the proportion of renewable energy utilization, and improve power quality or disaster recovery capabilities.

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What Are The Characteristics of This Content?

Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) don't require active maintenance to extend their service life. Also, the batteries show no memory effects and due to low self-discharge (<3% per month), you can store them for a longer period of time.Lead-acid batteries need special maintenance. If not their life span will be decreased even more.

What Benefits

You can store them for a longer period of time.Lead-acid batteries need special maintenance.If not their life span will be decreased even more.

  • Support for Class l, Class ll and select Class lll devices
  • Soft pack, hard plastic and metal housing
  • Support for top tier cell providers
  • Customized battery management for fuel gauging, cell balancing, safety circuit
  • Quality manufacturing (iso 9001)

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