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Definitive features of the best battery

10 Mar, 2022

By hoppt

102040 lithium batteries

We often get overwhelmed by the new battery announcements, with each claiming to be the best in the market at the time of release. You need to know that most of the suppliers are looking to make sales. They will lie and use every other enticing word to get you to buy their product. This article will clarify the definitive features that you can check to ensure that you’re buying the best battery for your needs.

Features that define the best battery

Energy density

When buying a battery, avoid the low-density batteries because they will have minimal power yet weigh heavily. The best battery to buy is a high-density type because it weighs relatively low but possesses high energy content.

Power density

Power density means the availability of current. I would recommend going for a battery with high power density because it can sustain high current draws in an extended period.


The battery life is another factor you don’t want to miss out on when selecting the best battery for any application. Ensure that you pick a battery whose chemistry is less susceptible to environmental conditions like temperature, impact, and magnetic field, among others.

Battery memory

Be keen to pick a battery that does not hold less than the total of their available charge. Batteries are highly susceptible to being “trained” to hold lower than their total charge available. Therefore, be wise not to fall for a product that will disappoint you in its use.


A battery has two lives, one being the total life and the other being its charge life. The total life refers to the service life of your battery. You don’t want to select a battery that will be damaged for the next few months, possibly because of cost factors or because you were not keen enough to buy. At the same time, ensure that it can sustain the change for a reasonably long period.

After gauging the product by these parameters, you should be able to pick the best battery that meets your service and performance needs.


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